Club Transfers : Muhamed Besic to Reading

His time at Everton:

To be honest, it hasn’t worked out for Muhamed Besic at Everton. This is because since he joined the Merseyside club back in 2014 from Ferencvaros, he has only made 37 appearances. The transfer fee at the time was rumoured to be around 5 million euro. Things got off to an ok start for the German born Bosnian international appearances wise. He made overall 31 appearances, 23 of which came in the Premier League.

In 2015-16 his season was hampered by injures and therefore he couldn’t really make things work. There was one upside though, as his performances after Christmas and into the New Year seen him pick up the POTM award for January. Loan moves were to follow for Besic for the 2018/19 season and 2019/20 season at Middlesbrough and Sheffield United. His best time was spent with the Northern side, he made 52 total appearances and scored 3 goals.

What I would take away from this is that, it is possible for him to score Gaffr Fantasy points.

What this means in Gaffr:

Muhamed Besic is of course and defensive midfielder, which means that from an FPL point of view he wasn’t going to be in many managers sides. That is not the case in terms of Gaffr. I was having a quick look at what the rules of Gaffr are and how the can be used in Besic’s favor.

One big rule that stands out is a player that successfully performs four defensive actions, the player gets one extra point to go towards the final score. Looks like a favourable chance for Besic to come away each week with a nice points return. The big question though on every Gaffr managers minds in about a month or so time, could be how much will the Gaffr price for the Bosnian be?

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